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mnsX is a new technology with many new things. We understand it might seem complex, but don't worry—actually, it isn't!
Below, you can find all the information that you need to start using mnsX: how to register, set up, and handle your mnsX, how to set up and use the Connect IQ applications, and some tips how you should start using mnsX.
Each guide (will) contains videos and pictures. Our aim is to provide you with the best support to help you start using mnsX easily. However, if you don't understand something or can't find some information, please don't hesitate to .
1. Set up mnsX
In this guide, you can find information about mnsX usage (turn on/off, charging, etc.), how to register your new mnsX, how to set up your mnsX (set your FTP, pair with HRM, etc.), how to wear mnsX.
2. Set up Connect IQ
mnsX has its own Connect IQ applications and data fields. Applications are developed mainly for training purposes, while Data Fields are for races, coffee rides/runs. This guide is about how to download, install and set up the IQ apps, how to use the IQ apps, what you can see on the display and compatible devices.
3. Understanding & using mnsX feedback
This guide explains how to start using mnsX, what to do at first workouts, how to record, upload, and download training records, how to define the optimal warmup and regeneration with mnsX, and how to improve specific abilities.
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