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Limited Pre-orders are coming soon!
We are a family business with limited resources. Because of the high demand, we can accept only limited pre-orders (at the start).
Pre-orders will be available in Canada, the United States, Europe, and the UK (at the start) with a free shipping option.
If you would like to get a notification about the opening date, please sign up for our newsletter.
(We will send only one email about the opening date, nothing else.)
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mnsX™ real-time monitors your aerobic and anaerobic energy generation during your workout and calculates SEP™, the Safe Energy Production.
With SEP, you receive real-time feedback that helps you avoid permanent endurance reduction during high-intensity training, improve your desired abilities with maximal efficiency, and maintain your trainability throughout the entire season, among many other features.
mnsX has specific hardware requirements to use!

Additional services, such as displaying anaerobic support, monitoring the regeneration process, and automatically adjusting FTP and power zones, etc., requires a monthly subscription.
*Expected prices! Tax not included. Free shipping option included.
Minimum requirements
Garmin devices - mnsX uses Garmin Connect IQ™ to display the data. You can find more information about our Connect IQ application, datafield, and compatible devices here.
(The Karoo application is in progress.)
iOS phone/tablet - Right now, we have only iOS application. With the iOS application, you can register and set your mnsX. Upload the training records to our cloud or download the uploaded records for analysis.
(We are developing an Android application.)
Power meter - mnsX needs power data! (Bike trainer, bike power meter, Stryd).
HRM-Strap - mnsX needs heart rate data!
Who should buy the mnsX at this stage?
mnsX helps you when you are doing high-intensity training. Our goal is to make mnsX's usage as simple as it can be and make it available for all levels. However, in its current state, I recommend:
For professionals - when both the athlete and coach are dedicated to using mnsX. Trust me, we have more than ten years of experience with professional athletes. It is not working if only one of you wants to use it (mnsX works, but the situation never).
For semi-pro/amateurs - if you train seriously and do high-intensity training regularly.
Basic Plan
mnsX services
Anaerobic support - calculates the momentary amount of anaerobic support.
Monitoring the regeneration - after a high-intensity phase, monitoring the regeneration phase.
Automatic calibration - after each uploaded training to the cloud, the cloud system analyzes the training and adjusts parameters in mnsX to always give you the most accurate feedback.
Connect IQ™
Display anaerobic support - displays the amount of anaerobic support and indicates anaerobic support with a different color, distinguishing between supportive and suppressive states.
Sound alert at anaerobic support - provides sound notifications when anaerobic support shifts from supportive to suppressive and when it changes back to supportive.
Display the regeneration process - after the high-intensity phase, shows the regeneration process. Display the regeneration status using three levels: indicating when it has started, when it is ongoing, and when it is complete and you are ready for the next high-intensity phase.
ArguStress Cloud services
Automatic energy model adjustment - when the user uploads a new training record to the cloud, the cloud system analyzes it and adjusts the user’s energy model.
Automatic FTP adjustment - after each uploaded training record to the cloud, the cloud system adjusts FTP to the current value.
Automatic power zones adjustment - after each uploaded training record to the cloud, the cloud system adjusts the power zones to the current values.
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