How mnsX works
How mnsX works, the square of truth
mnsX is not a sensor! mnsX is a non-invasive, wearable computer. Its weight and size are like a HRM. mnsX is developed for high-intensity training, but it can be used for every type of training.
During training, mnsX uses an adaptive, personalized energy production model and up-to-date power zones and FTP and continuously monitors your aerobic and anaerobic energy generation and measures the shifting of power zones to help you optimize your training protocol at any time, according to your momentary form.
Adaptive energy generation model
Each mnsX is unique because using a personalized energy generation model. At the start, mnsX requires a few high-intensity training to set up your own energy generation model. Then, from training to training, it adjusts the model as you improve your abilities.
Thanks to the personalized model, mnsX can give you the most accurate help at any time during the training, according to your momentary form. This gives you the power to improve exactly that ability you would like and optimize your training protocol at any time if needed.
mnsX is not just a device. It is your best training partner.
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Up-to-date power zones
mnsX use up-to-date FTP and power zones data at each training.
As your abilities change from training to training, so do your power zones and FTP. If you upload the training record from mnsX to our cloud after each training, the ArguStress Cloud Analyzer will examine the record. If there is any change, the Analyzer will automatically adjust the FTP and/or power zones and update them in your mnsX. For each training, your mnsX uses your latest FTP and power zones.
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Shifting power zones
Shifting Power Zones
Power zones continuously shift during training, even during an interval, because of fatigue, bonking, different focus, etc. It is not easy to stay in the preferred zone when you want to improve one of your abilities.
mnsX is developed for high-intensity training, and it measures the shifting from Z4 (out of 7) upwards and calculates below Z4. mnsX helps you know when your intensity goes to another zone during an interval, and you start improving another ability.
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